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More people. More active. More often.

Sport and Recreation is part of Communities NSW which is an agency within the NSW Government, Australia.

Sport and Recreation is committed to providing and facilitating sport and recreation services for the people of NSW and its vision is of a community that uses sport and recreation to improve its well being.

We recognise that there's more to sport that just playing it. Sport and recreation play a vital role in binding our communities together, and participation in physical activity creates a broad range of benefits for all members of the community.

From developing the self-esteem of young people to maintaining the health and fitness of senior citizens, and nurturing talented athletes to improving everyone's enjoyment of life, we are concerned with the big picture gains of sport and recreation for all communities in NSW.

For more information please visit the Sport and Recreation website.

Greater Sydney Partnership

The Greater Sydney Partnership (GSP) is a not-for-profit organisation that has been formed to enhance and promote Sydney's interests as Australia's only global city.

The partnership will develop and manage the 'Brand Sydney' project along with many other initiatives which support Sydney's global positioning and is an independent organisation that has been formed to enhance Sydney.

Whilst it is a private-sector initiative, the GSP has the full support from the State Government and the City of Sydney.

For more information please visit the Greater Sydney Partnership website.

International Working Group on Women and Sport

Empowering women - Advancing sport

The International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG) was established in 1994 at the 1st World Conference on Women and Sport held in Brighton, England. The Group is an independent coordinating body consisting of representatives of key government and non-government organisations from different regions of the world.

The IWG’s mission is: Empowering women - Advancing sport

To develop a sporting culture based on gender equality that enables and values the full involvement of girls and women in every aspect of sport and physical activity.

The mission is accomplished through the action and influence of IWG as a catalyst, engaging governmental and non-governmental organisations and individuals for the advancement and empowerment of women and sport globally.

For more information please visit the IWG website.


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