About IWG

The International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG) was established in 1994 at the 1st World Conference on Women and Sport held in Brighton. IWG is an independent coordinating body consisting of representatives of key government and non- government organisations from different regions of the world.

The IWG’s mission is:

Empowering women - Advancing sport

The vision of the IWG is to realise a sustainable sporting culture that enables and values the full involvement of women in every aspect of sport.

The mission is to be a catalyst for the advancement and empowerment of women and sport globally.

For further information on the IWG please visit www.iwg-gti.org

The IWG is currently led by two co-chairs:

Ms Johanna Adriaanse (Australia)

Senior Lecturer of Human Movement and Sport Management
University of Technology, Sydney

Johanna A. Adriaanse, born in Amsterdam and residing in Australia, is a Senior Lecturer in Human Movement and Sport Management in the Faculty of Business at the University of Technology Sydney.

As an educator in sport and physical activity for more than 25 years she draws on experience gained at a range of institutions in the Netherlands, Italy and Australia. She is a researcher in and public commentator on gender issues in sport and physical activity. Her most recent projects include 'women on sport boards' and 'role models in sport for adolescent girls'. Apart from her former role as Chair of the IWG 2006 - 2010, she is also on the Executive Board of WomenSport International and former President of WomenSport and Recreation New South Wales.

Ms Raija Mattila (Finland)

Former Director of the Sport Division of the Ministry of Education

Raija Mattila has worked for nearly 40-years as a decision-maker and in executive assignments in the sport sector.

She has worked at the Ministry of Education since 1979, as the Director of Arts and Cultural Heritage Division of the Ministry from 2000 to 2002, and as Director of the Sport Division from 2002 to 2009. Raija Mattila, M.Pol.Sc, has represented Finnish sport on the international stage for decades. Among other duties, Mattila chaired the Council of Europe Committee for the Development of Sport from 1996 to 1998, and was in charge of promoting sport themes in the Ministry of Education during Finland's EU presidencies in 1999 and 2006. Raija Mattila has had an active role in promoting national and international equality work concerning sport. She has chaired several equality workgroups, executing their proposals, acting as a lecturer, and supporting the Spikes award (equal opportunity in sport) and mentor training for female executives.


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